Indo-Pacific Quiz Competition 2022
  • Date: 21-11-2022
Indo-Pacific Quiz Competition 2022

The grand finale and valedictory ceremony of the Indo-Pacific Quiz Competition 2022 Organized by Rajagiri College of Social Sciences supported by U.S. Mission in India is scheduled on November 21, 2022. The ceremony will be held in the KE Auditorium in Rajagiri Valley campus, Kochi. 

About the Quiz: The Indo-Pacific Quiz Competition 2022 conducted by Rajagiri Business School aims to build awareness about the opportunities and challenges as well as socio-cultural and historic heritage of the Indo-Pacific region. The competition engages young adults in the age group of 18 – 28 years pursuing higher education in universities and colleges across the Indo-Pacific region in a multi-stage competition. 524 two-member teams from 16 Indo-Pacific countries competed in the four online preliminary rounds. Thirty-two teams from six countries (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Philippines) qualified to enter the four virtual group rounds. Eleven teams from India and 13 from abroad (Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh) qualified to participate in the in-person final rounds to be held in Kochi. Mr. Mitesh Agarwal, Managing Director – Customer & Partner Engineering (Southeast Asia), Google Cloud is the Quiz Master. 

Context: The project aims to promote the U.S. and Indian visions for a free and open Indo-Pacific and help foster a connected community identity among predominantly youth audiences by organizing an international, inter-university quiz competition with students from across the region.