Welcome to OYSTER (Organization of Yester Year Students of Rajagiri), the ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of Rajagiri. OYSTER has a reputation for excellence in various fields of management and it helps to connect to the graduates of different streams, meet fellow chapter-members, and stay connected with your alma mater. As a member of the alumni community, you will benefit from this strong, engaged and lifelong network. To know more click here (Oyster portal).

Every student passing out from RCBS becomes a member of the RCBS Alumni Network. The network helps the students to nurture relationships and bonding among them. The alumni network also opens up career opportunities for alumni and students through networking.

The Rajagiri alumni are well placed in the industry in India and abroad. Our alumni serving as faculty members in the IIMs include Prof.Biju Varkey at IIM Ahmedabad, Prof. Anandakuttan B Unnitan at IIM Kozhikode, Prof.Joshy Jacob at IIM Ahmedabad, Prof.Joshy Joseph at IIM Kozhikode, Prof. Priya Nair Rajeev at IIM Kozhikode and Prof.Sony Thomas at IIM Kozhikode.

Alumni networks can propagate a sense of pride whenever Alumni engagement happens. It will provide Alumni a platform for social, emotional, and economic advantage.

Alumni give a leverage of Internationalization to the institution through International students and through alumni settled abroad for various opportunities abroad. RCBS facilitate numerous lateral placements for alumni every year through its portal.