Research Consultancy

We have been offering customized consultancy services in diverse areas to clients, both national and international. We bring deep, functional expertise and work closely with our clients to learn about their concerns. Through this process we are able to adopt a customized approach, develop solutions and provide recommendations that help our clients to optimize their performance and achieve their objectives along with helping them to maintain the competitive edge in the long term.

Consultancy Services

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Integration
  • Market Surveys
  • RCBS Research Series
  • Statistical Analysis

Data Analysis

CFR helps organisations forge their strategies to be in the efficiency frontier by reducing the cost and better utilization of their resources. For this, CFR analyses the internal data of the client and discuss it with the experienced resource persons at RCBS. These resource persons detect problems and areas for improvement, which will help the organisation to resolve an internal problem.

We look at data from different angles so as to provide analysis that meet the actual facts of the clients internal business environment. The analysis expands over various components like cost, utilisation of resources, and comparison against the benchmark firm in the industry. The result that CFR will provide will include the areas for improvement with suggestions from resource persons.

Enterprise Information Integration

Enterprise Information Integration (EII) is the process of combining all the data collected from different sources to provide meaningful and unified information. Holistic data integration includes identification, processing, monitoring, transforming (data) and dissemination of information from distinct sources. The very underlying intention of EII is to present simple and homogeneous information collected from multiple and heterogeneous sources before a client as a solution or indication of a fact in the organisation.

Market Surveys

CFR conducts market surveys on behalf of our clients to provide a solution for an external issue such as changes in consumer passions, tastes, trends and the like. The data are gathered from surveys/ interviews/ focus group discussion etc. by CFR and reliable resources (secondary data). The final report will contain the analysis of data including graphs, tables, charts and pictures, inferences, suggestions and recommendations.

RCBS Research Series

RCBS Research Series is an annual survey of various industries. Each year, a specific industry is chosen and the trend, potentials, opportunities and threats etc. are studied and published. This report can be a reference for organization in that particular industry, which lets them forge strategies accordingly. The process of this work will commence in the month of January and the report will be published towards the end of March. Interested organizations can contribute to this multiphase survey.

Statistical Analysis

CFR has trained statistics wizards who perform statistical analysis to arrive at a conclusion in the decision making/ trouble shooting process. The statistical analysis service at CFR has two dimensions: dependent statistical analysis and independent statistical analysis. In the former one, statisticians analyse the data collected by the client whereas in the latter one, statistians prepare questionnaires/ conduct interviews or focus group discussions (whichever applicable), collect data, execute analysis, make inferences. The last stage of this process is the making of suggestions and recommendation in consultation with the resource persons at RCBS.

Statistical techniques used at CFR include regression, structural equation modeling, analysis of variance, multivariate analysis of variance, cluster analysis, principal component analysis and nonparametric analysis.