Student Life
Inflore - The Best Management Fest Ever
Inflore - The Best Management Fest Ever
Inflore - The Best Management Fest Ever
Inflore - The Best Management Fest Ever
Inflore - The Best Management Fest Ever
Inflore - The Best Management Fest Ever
Committees and Clubs

RCBS empowers students to form various committees under the guidance of faculty members for the smooth conduct of various activities at RCBS The clubs provide the platform for student to pursue their interest in their chosen fields and give them the opportunity for teamwork and leadership. The various club include:

  • Marketing Club
  • Finance Club
  • HR Club
  • Operations Club
  • Entrepreneurship & Women in Business Club
  • Debate Club
  • Research & Consultancy Club
  • Green Club
  • Media & Tech Club
  • Family Business Club
  • Speakers Club

The social clubs in Rajagiri are:

  • Theater Club
  • Sports Club
  • Quiz Club
  • Photography Club
  • Music Club
  • Dance Club
  • Creativity Club

Every club will be assessed on the basis of the conduct of their event

  • Promotional Activities
  • Participation
  • Competitiveness
  • Time management
  • Incorporation of theoretical aspects

Best Club will be awarded. The winners of each game will represent college in management fests

RCBS Club Activities

Marketing Club

Marketing club members have a series of competitions and activities to keep them active through the year. Brand wars are carried through different stages. Real time marketing of products, marketing plans that are created and carried out. Students are also fully involved in structuring full-fledged marketing games for the College management fest.

Finance club

The finance club is committed to expanding the financial vision of students beyond the scope of academics. It thus promotes finance-related activities and careers for Rajagiri students and caters to a wide variety of finance-related interests, particularly investment banking, sales and trading, corporate finance etc. Every week is alive with activities that include business plan competitions, keenly fought auctions that concentrate on strategies for the maximum utilization of seed capital, virtual trading, games in retail banking as well as fiercely competitive quiz rounds –an all round experience in the art of crunching numbers and financial wizardry.

Operations club

The operations club builds on procedures and systems to construct games that aim to achieve maximum efficiency in operational procedures. Supply chain management is a favourite area. Besides there are plenty of opportunities to experiment with innovative ideas for start-up businesses that take the form of competitions and plan presentations.

HR club

The club activities were organized on a regular basis to promote the team spirit and implement the HR concepts practically. Skill building is an important part of HR club activity and observational video viewing is often used for this exercise. Role plays on the basis of case studies are popular and the performances are assessed on several parameters.

Entrepreneurship club

Bright young minds come together to put their ideas into their dream business plans. Competitions and entrepreneurship activities are keenly followed up to see if they can find a place in the incubator facilities that R   ajagiri offers. Debates and presentations on their future entrepreneurial plans are also conducted by the club. .

IT club

The IT Club has a range of activities that are real-time. Updating the college Facebook page is their responsibility along with poster designing, logo creation, movie making, structuring viral marketing strategies, blogging etc. They are the online backbone of all the events conducted on campus.

Gaming is also a favourite pastime with Counter Strike and FIFA being the all time favourites

Debate club

This is the hotspot for students who believe they have good communication skills and current general knowledge. The Debating Club offers opportunities for students to logically explain their points of view and focus on one side of the argument. Mock parliament, mock press and debate competitions including a range of argument methods form part of the club activity. Members do not miss any opportunity to take part in debate competitions conducted by colleges and industrial bodies.

Quiz club

The Quizzing group conducts quizzes across a variety of domains from Business to films and politics. They are also involved in creating the Quiz Compendium and are always in step with the top quizzing events of the country. A top priority on their agenda is to send quizzers from Rajagiri to participate in all the major quizzing events conducted nationally. Alumni who belonged to this club are successfully working their way up in the tough and competitive arena of quiz management.

Theatrix club

Creative activities in the area of dramatics and short film making find fulfilment here. Members create short films of 5 minute duration on preselected themes and concentrate on the finer aspects of editing before it is viewed by a student audience.

Cultural club

Theatre and skits form the activity for the cultural club. Dialogues from famous films set in different countries are used for creative activity in this area. Cross cultural workshops bringing in discussions between members of various cultures on Indian experiences are also organized to improve and understand cultural differences