Student Life
Inflore - The Best Management Fest Ever
Inflore - The Best Management Fest Ever
Inflore - The Best Management Fest Ever
Inflore - The Best Management Fest Ever
Inflore - The Best Management Fest Ever
Inflore - The Best Management Fest Ever
Campus Celebrations

A good life is a collection of happy moments-Dennis Waitley

At Rajagiri we believe every occasion must be celebrated. It is these celebrations that bring us together and make the Rajagiri family unique.All celebrations are organised by FORMS.


Onam the harvest festival of Kerala is celebrated with great fervor. Dressed in traditional wear , students usher in the spirit of Onam . A day of celebration, marked with several competitions like athapoov competition, malyala manga, maran competition , uri adi, and vadam vali leading to Lord Mahabali visit to campus A sumptuous Onam lunch is arranged for the teaching, non-teaching faculty members and students by the FORMS.


Ramadhan the holy month of the Muslims. A grand Iftar party for the Muslim Community in college is hosted by the students.


A time for living, a time for believing
A time for trusting, not deceiving,
Love and laughter and joy ever after..  "Cliff Richard -Mistletoe and Wine"

The Christmas spirit is contagious, and Rajagirians ensure that everyone is bitten by the Christmas bug. Trees decorated, cakes cut, air reverberating with carols and cheer, santa caps bobbling in the wind red, and green are the main colours in the campus. Nativity skits, Best Santa Clause and carol competition are also held.

DIWALI- The celebration of lights.

The Diwali evening the Chavara Hall is lit up with diyas, traditional dances are performed by the students and it ends with an excellent North Indian dinner.


The days are wonderful,
The memories are golden,
It happens when we were with you,
We are going to miss you,

Crossroads- The farewell for seniors hosted by the juniors. An evening of sharing memories, reminiscing the happy and sad moments spent together. A night of dances , skits and games. The seniors come all dressed in splendor. An evening of group photos and selfies .


An evening dedicated to parents. An array of cultural programmes where parents are introduced to the different activities their wards go through in campus , a proud moment for parents, to see their children displaying their talents on stage. The Life at Rajagiri experience is remisicned by the Junors and Seniors at

Special Events

The year 2014 November was a memorable year for the Rajagirians The national Thanksgiving day to commemorate. The Occasion of our Founder father Blessed Chavara Elias Kuriakose being raised to the alter for veneration was celebrated as the National Thankgiving Day.

The Rajagirians celebrated the event with a holy mass, attended by dignitaries from the clergy and public. Close to one lakh people from different walks of life and different states attended the same.