International Exchange MBA Programme

The Rajagiri International Institute for Education and Research (RIIER) has been instituted as a response to globalization in the field of higher education and offers quality programmes which equip professionals to effectively perform in the global arena. 

RIIER was established in 1998 with its first twinning programme in Management with Western Michigan University, USA. Since then RIIER has arduously carved out affiliations with Sellinger School of Business, Loyola College in Maryland, USA, University of Maryland, Assumption University, Bangkok, Nazareth College, Rochester, James Cook University, Australia, and Australian Catholic University, Australia.

Twinning programme is an innovative educational concept that enables students to  complete the first part of a programme in an institution in one country and the other part in a partnering university located in a different country. The partner institutions share Courseware, teaching methods and faculty members for successful completion of the programme. At RIIER we offer part of the International MBA programme by adopting syllabi and delivery methods conforming to international standards. On successful completion of the first part of the programme at RIIER, students can transfer these courses to the parent University and complete the second part of the programme there. The one-year programme at RIIER is designed as a flexible three-trimester course with transfer options available at the end of each trimester