Autonomous Status
Rajagiri Gaining Autonomous Status

Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (RCSS), Kochi was granted academic autonomy by University Grants Commission, New Delhi on 13th June 2014. Rajagiri, being among the select few academic institutions in Kerala to be conferred autonomous status for the 1st time in the history of the state, is indeed a matter of pride and honor. Attaining autonomous status was the culmination of years of relentless efforts by Rajagirians, the management, staff and students, to embrace excellence in teaching, learning, community service, and research.

With attainment of autonomy, RCSS is empowered to determine and prescribe its own courses of study and syllabi, restructure and redesign the courses to suit specific needs of students. Autonomous status also authorizes the institution to prescribe rules of admission compliant with government policies, device and evolve new methods of student performance assessment, conduct examinations and notify results, use modern tools of educational technology to achieve higher standards of teaching and enhance creativity in the teaching-learning process. Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, being endowed with autonomous status, yet another golden feather in its cap, is now positioned to enrich its footprint in the educational sector in Kerala, and beyond. RCSS is currently engaged in several activities in community development, vocational training and other outreach programs spanning across the state. Autonomy helps RCSS take its mission's to facilitate comprehensive and integrated development of individuals to effectively function as social beings imbued with righteousness and courage of conviction's, to the next level.

After the attainment of autonomy, Rajagiri has rolled out several new programs such as BCA, B.Com, Integrated MSLIS and M. Phil (Social Work) in 2015, under the umbrella brand of RCSS, delivered through various institutional mediums located at Hill (Kalamassery) and Valley (Kakkanad) campuses. This is in addition to improving the curriculum and pedagogy of the various MBA, MHRM, MSW courses being currently offered. The expansion in course array, to address specific educational needs of students, to develop skills and competencies for today's human capital and tomorrow's workforce, has been possible with the endowment of autonomous status to RCSS. Rajagiri, as a socially sensitive entity, takes cognizance of the societal needs not only in formal education, but also in vocational training, counselling and community infrastructure development; entwining student outreach programs such as Transcend with CSR activities of Industry Majors guided by faculty and industry experts. Autonomy is a shot in the arm for Rajagiri, towards self-sustenance and stewardship for the greater good of society.