Industry Visits & Concurrent Field Work

Industry Visits

RCBS' management courses have widely been recognized by the industrial fraternity for its curriculum, delivery of the courses and the practical orientation and real time exposure given to the students. The core strength, the industrial exposure, by way of the field work training/industry visit has given the programmes a differentiating advantage over the other institutes' degrees. This has been made possible by the co-operation and the personal interest shown by the staff of the organizations involved in training and molding our students and in bringing about a turnaround in their prospective careers. Students are sent to companies in batches accompanied by members of the faculty.

Concurrent Field Work

As part of the experiential learning provided to our students through field work exposure, we organise scheduled concurrent field work for every batch. Concurrent Field Work is an opportunity given to our MHRM students in their third semester to get real time exposure of an HR department by spending one day every week in an organization.

We send our students for this field work on Fridays. We expect the students to learn at the grass root level, the operational functions of an HR department through observation, reading, interaction and active involvement in the day to day functioning of the HR department as guided by the respective reporting official of the organisation they are placed in. We believe this combination of theoretical input of five days with one day practical exposure will make the students competent to deliver value to the organisation from day one of their career.