FDP Teaching With Simulations
  • Date: 09-05-2019
FDP Teaching With Simulations

FDP Teaching With Simulations

Management educators ,no doubt, are looking for tools which can equip the students with employment ready skills while providing a conducive learning experience.   Business schools have been using cases to create a real-life environment but active participation by all cannot be ensured even in case discussions. Simulation on the other hand does not permit passive participants. Any simulation will easily persuade the student to apply all his abilities to solve the problem at hand and thus gives him a real-life experience. It is thus an effective tool set in a highly user-friendly environment.

This  two  day workshop (May 9th and 10th 2019) will be conducted by Rajagiri Business School. It is aimed to facilitate a deeper understanding of Simulations as a tool among  Business School faculty so that they could fine tune their approach to using simulations (SIMs) within their courses..

Simulations are no doubt powerful tools for reinforcing student learning in an active learning mode. Though they are set in seemingly real-world environments, trained instructors will find them easy to set up and run. As teaching tools, simulations can be used across courses and programs based on the ingenuity of the instructor.

The workshop will familiarize the participants with the techniques needed to integrate Simulations within a course and will impart  the  skills required for configuring them.


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