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The Rajagiri Better Accessibility to Sustainability And Resources (R BASAR)
Dr. Susan Mathew
Dr. Susan Mathew
  • Sustainable Development Goals(SDG)
  • 01-11-2021
The Rajagiri Better Accessibility to Sustainability And Resources (R BASAR)
Editor: Thulasi Jayaprakash

The R BASAR is a noble venture that serves as a launchpad for young entrepreneurs to display and sell their products.

Following the eighth Sustainable Development Goal set by The United Nations, The R BASAR strives to help micro-entrepreneurs move towards decent work and economic growth. The seed of the BASAR was sown by Fr.Dr. Francis Sebastian CMI, our Assistant Director who felt that providing a venue free of charge for the needy entrepreneurs would serve as a motivation to them. Through the BASAR the participants were also given suggestions by experts in the field of management on how to better their prospects.

The first edition launched on March 4, 2021, went on to March 6th which coincided with our Women’s day celebration. The BASAR was inaugurated by Rev. Dr. Jose Kurideath CMI, Director Rajagiri Institutions. The first edition had young enterprising women under Kudbashree selling their homemade products like pickles, squashes, Jams, fried snacks, soaps, medicated oil, shampoos, floor cleaners etc. Marine Products Exports Development Authority of India, Society for Assistance to Fisher Women (SAF), Vana Shree, Khadi Board,  Bamboo Board and Apiculture units have joined hands with us and have set up stalls in the R BASAR.  The second and third edition was held in April and September respectively. The Third edition had our students selling products like homegrown honey, Kerala sarees and dress materials which gave them experience in direct selling.

Through this project, we envisage providing a platform to all those who have within them the desire to do something of their own, showcase and sell their ideas.