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Suraj P Satheesh
Suraj P Satheesh
  • Alumini Talk
  • 01-11-2021
Editor: Thulasi Jayaprakash

Hey all! I am Suraj P Satheesh, MHRM 2016-18 batch, currently working as Circle Manager at Daskalos Virtual Academy and a trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming. I come from the cultural capital of Kerala that is Thrissur. After completing B.Com, I joined Rajagiri with lots of dreams and hopes. It was one of the best campuses in India! So I was excited when they published the first rank list and my name was in it!

A two year journey, which took me to all the dimensions of life, helped me develop and evolve the leader within me with the help and constant support of our faculty members. The two year program was designed and executed beautifully to up skill our talents and management capabilities. From rural camp which touched the areas of social sensitivity to the Infloré which focused on the organizing and management skills the journey has been very fruitful and fulfilling. I was one among the elected FORMS representative from MHRM batch.

There are lots and lots of beautiful memories that tailored from our campus and one among the special ones was when I was entrusted with the position of the "Creativity Committee Head" for Infloré, our very own prestigious management fest. I had an energetic and creative team and we started working efficiently. The team was allocated 36k for decorating the campus with the theme Roar (Jungle). But we completed the decoration at just 22k without compromising the beauty and richness of creativity! We used all kind waste materials to dazzle our campus. There was a Waste Management section at the backyard of our campus and we literally cleaned it up! All were so happy and excited; many appreciated me and my partner Rinimol for the fantastic job.

But the fun part was that, a week after Infloré, our respected Director, Mr. Injody sir was searching for the Creativity Committee Head who decorated the campus with waste materials. Our FORMS backbone Prof. Saji sir called me to his cabin and communicated the same to me. I was so happy and excited that the Director of our campus wants to meet me in person. With that excitement I went to his room.

I knocked on the door, gently he asked me to get in and with a wide smile I introduced myself as the Creativity Committee Head. At that moment Injody sir raised his chin and looked directly into my eyes. After 5 seconds of silence I felt some kind of weirdness and I understood something was wrong! Then Injody sir asked me from where we had taken all the waste materials for the decoration. I gently replied that we took it from our Waste Management plot. He took a deep breath and said that we had actually used up all the glass materials which were kept aside as the raw material for building our new Engineering block! That moment fireworks happened inside my brain, I was literally speechless! Then he enquired about my placement. That time I was placed at Byjus with a smart package. He asked me to pay back with my first month salary with a small grin! I still remember the smell inside that cabin and the way he comforted me after that conversation. Luckily he hasn’t enquired about the money or to pay back or about the colorful window glasses! I still owe a great amount to Rajagiri!

I really enjoyed and will always cherish my life at Rajagiri and a big thank you to the institution for changing my life. That year, one amongst the highest package was offered to me. The constant support of Rajagiri faculty members is commendable. Even today I call them for guidance.

Happy to share my experience about my life at Rajagiri, thank you and all the very best to the upcoming leaders

  • Sivaprasad Jayakumar
  • 30-07-2021

Amazing share!

  • Vishak S Menon
  • 30-07-2021

Amazing write up!