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Ephin Monichan
  • Student Experiences
  • 01-11-2021
Editor: Thulasi Jayaprakash

It’s been few months that we are back to our college. But is it okay to have an interest-based club to work online completely? Well, many clubs can, but the Sports club can't function completely online. It is a club with both online as well as offline events.

The Sports Club of Rajagiri College has been extremely good in all matters related to sports. Though I built up the interest to join sports, the urge of being a good leader was fruitful after coming to Rajagiri. It gives me immense joy and pleasure when I work upon and say that I am from the Sports Club. On hearing about the success stories of last year sports club even in those tough situations, I too want to regain the glory which was lost due to the Covid 19 pandemic and help the club reach new heights. To a great start of that, we initiated a program on Health and Fitness by Mr. Arjun Nair, a renowned fitness consultant. It was a great platform to know about the different methods, uses and developments from sports and fitness. Sports Club also has become a part of RCL and it has made a great addition to the members of our Sports Club.

Also adding on to that, we, as a family, are also trying to have amazing sport events lined up so as to improve everyone's sportsmanship and building great bonds within Rajagirians. We are also looking for not only building the bond in our college life but also make it a worthy one by utilizing it in a social context.

Sportsmanship is one of the characteristics which we have seen and applied in sports at Rajagiri and also strive hard to achieve more of it in the coming days. We know that a sport is an integral part of our life even in small terms. All we would need from our fellow Rajagirians is that have a good sporty and friendly life along with academics.