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Multi-Level Mandatharam
Karishma Kolamkanny
Karishma Kolamkanny
  • Club Activities
  • 02-11-2021
Multi-Level Mandatharam
Editor: Thulasi Jayaprakash

MLM- An initiative by drama club

It was exactly 2 months back when our dear club members Amel and Shalen came up with the idea of creating a series on Multi-level Marketing. I still remember how dreamily they were speaking about their vision  in mind. Yesterday, on the 31st of october they made their vision come true.

It was of due importance to us drama club members that we took a topic which was never discussed before and open a  conversation about it. We believe that it is truly art that can mold a society.
The preparations for the video was  started soon after the proposal got approved in September. It was the guidance of our faculty coordinator Ajay Lunawath Sir and the coordination of our club heads  that guided as throughout the journey. It was truly an embarking journey for us and now the memories of the late night meetings, the giggles we shared, the friends we made only stays with us.

Watch MLM here:-