Jaedong Kang

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International economics and sustainable development are his forte. He teaches management students Macroeconomics, Managerial Economics, Sustainable Development and Corporate Sustainability, and Global Business Environment. He has interest in studying bilateral relations between India and South Korea. He has been appointed as a regional expert by Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency. Since 2023, he has been working as an external coordinator for International Labour Organization. Through the collaboration with agencies above, he pursues practical application of economics’ theories for partnership between India and South Korea. He coordinates various programmes in association with Korean partner universities, governmental agencies and international organisations. He wants to grow youths to become leaders for their community and their neighbours. His research interests include Geo-Political Cooperation and Socio-Economic Engagement Between India and South Korea.

Educational Qualification

  • B.A
  • M.A
  • Ph.D

Journal Publication

  • Jaedong Kang, P. Arunachalam, & Jose K. Puthur. (2021). Complementarities of South Korea and India in the ICT sector and cooperation model. Amal International Journal of Economics &Social Science, 5(1), 77-86. (ISSN: 2395-4973)
  • Jaedong Kang, & P. Arunachalam. (2021). Trade, investment, and partnership: expanding linkage mechanisms between India and South Korea. Anvesak, 51(01). (ISSN: 0378-4568) 
  • Jaedong Kang, & Hye Kyung Han (2023). India-South Korea Partnerships for Social Development: Case Illustrations of Korean Entities in India. International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology, 10(11). (Print ISSN: 2395-6011 | Online ISSN: 2395-602X)
  • Social Responsibility Seminar, conducted by Christ University. Presented a paper, “Corporate Social Responsibility & Co-growth of Big Retailers and Small Retailers”, 2011.
  • International Conference on Cross Cultural Management, conducted by Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies. Presented a paper, “How Much Is Hofstede’s Model Valid?” with sub-title “Study of cultural dimensions in Oracle Ltd.”, 2013
  • A Concave on the National Budget, conducted by Economics department of Christ University. Presented a paper, “Indian Railways & Privatization”, 2014
  • 2nd International Conference on Innovations in Business and Finance, conducted by Commerce Association of Kerala. Presented a paper, “Economics and Big data: how big data will impact on Economic researches?”