Chandrima Chatterjee

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Ms. Chandrima Chatterjee is an Economist by training. Recently, she has submitted her Ph.D. thesis entitled ‘Health care of the Elderly in India: An Investigation of Utilization, Expenditure and Financing’ at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. During her doctoral research, she has acquired knowledge on several tools of statistical data analysis as well as econometric analysis, and has been successfully applied those in the domain of Health Care Economics and Development Policy. She is highly skilled in analysing Big Survey Data (NSSO, NFHS, CSO) using statistical software such as STATA, SPSS etc. As a part of her doctoral thesis, she has also published scientific papers in reputed peer reviewed international journals and some are under review. Apart from these, she has received travel grant from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in order to attend conferences in abroad, twice.

She was a part of a research project titled “Improving End-of-Life Care by Integrating Indic Perspectives on Ageing and Dying in India” under the mega exploratory group of projects titled Science and Heritage Initiative (SandHI) of IIT Kharagpur, funded by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. As a research fellow, she has contributed in survey design, data analysis and writing the report. She is a proficient researcher with a proven history of working in the higher education industry as well.

During her undergraduate studies, she was awarded with the honour of the ‘most promising student of the year (2010)’ by the Department of Economics, Bethune College Kolkata. She has also qualified for UGC NET lectureship in Economics and has two years of teaching experience. 

Educational Qualification

  • Ph.D, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur  (2020)
  • M.Phil., Department of Economics, University of Kalyani (2015)
  • M.Sc. , Department of Economics, University of Calcutta (2012)
  • B.Sc. (Honours), Bethune College Kolkata, University of Calcutta (2010)

Area of Interest (Research /Teaching)

Teaching Interest


  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Financial Economics
  • Microfinance
  • International Finance
  • Research Methodology
  • Statistics and Quantitative Techniques
  • Game theory

Research Interest

  • Health Economics and Development Policy
  • Cost Analysis
  • Socio-Economic Issues and Development Policy
  • Business and Finance
  • Sustainable Development

Journal Publication

  • Chatterjee, C., Nayak, N. C., Mahakud, J., & Chatterjee, S. C. (2019). Factors affecting the choice of health care utilisation between private and public services among the elderly population in India. The International Journal of Health Planning and Management, 34(1), e736-e751. (Scopus, SCI-Impact Factor 1.45, Scimago-Q2)
  • Bhattacharyya, T., Chatterjee, C., & Chatterjee, S. C. (2019). Health delivery system for older adults in academic campus in India. International Journal of Health Governance. 24(4), 310-322. (Scopus, ESCI, Scimago-Q2)
  • Chatterjee C., 2017. Status of Labour Security of Urban Informal Workers in Selected Districts of West Bengal. Conference Proceedings, State of the Informal Sector in Indian Economy in the Context of Inclusive Growth, ed. Bagchi, s., P.126, ISBN. 978-81-933615-1-1

Paper Presentation

  • Inpatient Health Expenditure and Its Determinants among the Indian
  • Factors Affecting the Incidence of Health Insurance in India: An Investigation of the Indian Elderly

Conferences / MDPs Attended / FDPs Attended

  • Paper presented in 26th Annual Conference of American Society of Business and Behavioural Sciences in Las Vegas, USA in March 2019.
  • Paper Presented in 6th International conference on Economics and Finance Research held in Kyoto, Japan from March 25-27, 2017, organized by International Economics Development and Research Centre.
  • Paper presented in 11th Doctoral Thesis Conference held in ICFAI Business School Hyderabad from April 18-20, 2018.
  • Paper presented in UGC sponsored National Seminar “State of the Informal Sector in Indian Economy in the context of Inclusive growth” organized by City College of Commerce and Business Administration in collaboration with University of Kalyani, Department of Economics