Dr. Aby Abraham

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Aby entered academics with  23 years of professional experience, starting as an engineer on the shop floor to Area Manager to Regional Contracts Manager to Heading Country Operations, with various International firms; like Lloyd’s Register, ABS Group, Bureau Veritas, Velosi etc. This enabled him to have a broad view of real life business scenarios that is useful in understanding ground realities. He taught as an adjunct faculty at Business Administration Department of Dubai University College, ICFAI, Dubai campus, AIT, Dubai and as TA at XLRI. Aby left industry to purse doctoral research at XLRI and submitted his thesis. He looks for ‘meanings of possessions’, leading to the process of meaning making. Thus, his area of interest covers semiotics to social anthropology in consumer behavior side of marketing. The cultural changes due to social class change, impact of technology, and media, do change consumer’s taste, and the resultant possessions and meanings derived; thus making it imperative to understand the process and direction. Country of Origin effects and entry strategies to culturally diverse markets are also of interest.

Educational Qualification

  • B-Tech (Mechanical)
  • FPM - XLRI

Journal Publication

  • Abraham, Aby and Patro, Sanjay (2014), “‘Country of Origin’ Effect and Consumer Decision Making”, Management and Labour Studies, 39(3), 309-318.

Conferences / MDPs Attended / FDPs Attended

  • June 2015: Consumer Culture Theory Conference 2015, Arkansas, USA “Exclusivity: Developing Theory”; Aby Abraham, Russell Belk, Sanjay Patro and Debasish Pradhan.
  • Dec 2014 : Marcon, IIMC, Kolkata, India. “Social Group Exclusivity: Developing an Understanding”; Aby Abraham, Russell Belk, Sanjay Patro and Debasish Pradhan.
  • Jan 2014 : 2014 Annual Conference of Emerging Markets Conference Board , IIM Lucknow – Noida Campus, India; “Understand Consumer’s Meaning”; Aby Abraham and Sanjay Patro.
  • Dec 2013 : International Conference on Research in Marketing 2013, IIT Delhi, India; “Country of Origin’ Effect and Consumer Decision Making in today’s Market"; Aby Abraham and Sanjay Patro.

Other Details

  • Abraham, Aby and Patro, Sanjay (2013), “Royal Enfield - Centenarian Going strong”; Case Study Centre, XLRI.