Research & Publications (MHRM) Name of Faculty Type of Publication Title of Publication Publisher Details Published Date
1 Anil Kumar K Textbook Organisational Behaviour BBA Semester III, Calicut University 31-Dec-14
2 Manoj Menon(on FIP) Paper Presentation Movies in the MBA classroom: Impact study of an Experiment 14th International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations, SAID Business School, U.K., 4 August 2014. 4-Aug-14
3 Binoy Joseph Paper Presentation A critical review on the evolution, antecedents and outcomes of employee engagement International Conference on Innovative Practices in Business and Information Technology, Adarsh Institute of Managment and Information Technology, Bangalore, 15-16 December 2014. 16-Dec-14
4 Binoy Joseph Paper Presentation Psychological climate and its relationship with employee engagement: A study on employees in travel organisations in Karnataka International Conference on Futuristic Innovtions and Challanges to Diversity Managment, Emerging Technologies and Sustainability for Inclusive Industiral Growth, ICFIDM - 2014, Jyoti Nivas College, Bangalore, October 30-31, 2014. 31-Oct-14
5 Manoj Mathew Consultancy
Need assessment study


6 Manoj Mathew Consultancy

Employee counselling support

Federal Bank, Rs 100,000 4-Jun-14
7 Manoj Mathew Consultancy
Comptency Mapping
Federal Bank, Rs 100,000 10-Jul-15
8 Manoj Mathew Consultancy

CBI Workshop

CGH Earth, Rs 25,000 8-Jul-15
9 Consultancy

HR Audit

CGH Earth, Rs 35,000 10-Jul-15
10 Manoj Mathew Consultancy

Diagnostic Review

KANCOR, Rs 150,000 10-Jul-15
11 Manoj Mathew Consultancy

Functional Competencies

Cochin Shipyard, Rs 550,000 10-Jul-15
12 Manoj Mathew Consultancy

Business Statistics and research methodology , Rs 100,000

Ernst & Young 10-Jul-15
13 Isaac Varghese Consultancy

EVP, HR Decentralise, PCMM

Ooredoo, Oman, Rs 89, 68225 (Eighty Nine lakhs sixty eight thousand two hundred and twenty five) 10-Dec-15
14 Anil Kumar K Consultancy
Employee Engagement, Perambra
APOLLO TYRES LIMITED, Rs 43,860 15-Jan-16
15 Manoj Mathew Consultancy

Employees satisfaction and work environment amoung the premenant employees.

Cochin Shipyard, Rs 110,000 18-Feb-16
16 Manoj Mathew Consultancy

Workshop on goal setting.

Cochin Shipyard, Rs 103500 11-Mar-16