SPECIAL SESSION BY MR. GOPI KALLAYIL, Chief Evangelist, Brand Marketing at GOOGLE        (Watch the session) 
RCBS and National Institute of Personnel Management, Kerala Chapter, jointly organized a special lecture session on 31st December 2015 at the RBS Conference Hall by Mr. Gopi Kallayil, Chief Evangelist, Brand Marketing at GOOGLE. He spoke for about two hours on the topic “CREATING A CULTURE OF INNOVATION – LESSONS FROM GOOGLE”.
Mr. Gopi, who hails from Chittlancherry, Palakkad, spoke at length on how innovation is at the very root of matters at GOOGLE and how actively the workforce is encouraged to innovate and think out of the box. He elaborated on the 8 main principles of innovation which have been formulated and followed by GOOGLE since inception in 1998. The success of this recipe is there for all the world to see. The principles are:
  • Innovation comes from anywhere
  • Focus on the user
  • Think 10x, not 10%
  • Bet on technical insights
  • 20% time
  • Default to open processes
  • Fail well
  • Have a mission that matters
He said that these could be implemented in any organization for their benefit. He cited examples for each principle. Notably, the GOOGLE driverless car, GOOGLE glasses and the spoon used by people with Parkinson’s disease that were results of people thinking out of the box.
He also answered various questions on Performance Management Systems and the hiring process at GOOGLE. He suggested to have performance review meetings regularly rather than at the end of the year.
He lauded RCBS for being an institution with a worthy mission.