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By: Amrutha Anthony

Activites of the Forum Of Rajagiri Management Students for 2017-18

I take great pleasure in presenting the annual report of Forum Of Rajagiri Management Students. The year 2017-18 was marked by many events and success stories. This can be attributed to the dedication and team spirit of the members of the management, staff and students. At this moment, we  remember the loss of Bimal Sebastian, one of our Junior FORMS members and Christy Philip, our friend who was always there for us.

The senior team of the FORMS executive committee consisted of 20 FORMS members,  representing every batch. A new team of 24 students from the batch of 2017-19 was inducted into the FORMS executive committee, of which 12 were elected and the other 12 were selected.

This report documents the wide array of events hosted at RCBS. This starts from the Felicitation Day, March 2nd 2017, when the new FORMS members took over their positions. The new chairman, Mr.Chris Mathew Regi was handed over  the role by the former chairman Mr.Bijo Mathew for the year 2017-18 and on the same day all the old coordinators of Rajagiri’s main events were felicitated with Mementos and the new coordinators were endowed with the responsibilities for the coming year. The list of activities conducted by FORMS is given below.

  • Crossroads 2017 - It was time  to bid adieu to the Seniors! This was the first event conducted by the new FORMS members. The program was organized at Chavara hall on March 7th where all seniors gathered together for the function in the evening. There were many surprise events and games organized for them and the function closed with the dinner.
  • Members of FORMS were also involved in organizing the Dheeksharambam - welcoming the new batch of students to the campus. 
  • Talents day was planned and conducted by the class representatives along with two coordinators from each junior batch class. Students from each class participated for one or other events.
  • Election of the  JUNIOR FORMS MEMBERS! It was conducted on 23rd June 2017 and the final list of the junior representatives were published on August 10.
  • This was followed by inauguration of the Club Activities for the Juniors. It was conducted on 4th July 2017 by Mr. Santhosh George Kulangara (Director-Safari Channel). Students were divided into different clubs based on their interests.
  • FORMS coordinated and supported Aawaz, the street play competition conducted by the Green Club and the Debate Competition by The Debate Club. FORMS also coordinated the sessions by Mr. Kiren Seth (founder SPICMACAY) and Boss Krishnam Aachari (founder Cochin Musooris Binale).
  • The college band was indeed happy to be a part of the Kochin Metro Rail Inaugration where our band performed in one of the Metro Stations and received a lot of praise.
  • On August 10th BSNL came to the campus with their service assistance for linking Aadhar with the mobile number as per the government rule and many of the students including faculty members took part in it.
  • Aarpo 2017! -Onam celebration 2017 happened in August and was conducted on behalf of student coordinators from senior batch under the guidance of FORMS members. It was one of the best celebration we ever had on campus.
  • On October 31st we had a team of dancers from Mazhavil Manorma Channel for a press meet of Indian Dance Binnale, a new event to be launched in Calicut this April. We had a bunch of cine artists and performers who performed and invited us for the event.
  • Annual Sports started on 28th November 2017.
  • CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION 2017 was scheduled for 2 days 11th and 12th of December. The first day was celebrated with Carol Competition in Amphie Theatre and the second day in Chavara hall with a Thanks giving ceremony and many more competitions. The function wound up with dinner.
  • Christmas celebration was coordinated by the junior FORMS members headed by Boney Raju.
  • SPICMACAY STATE CONVENTION 2018 –This happened on 26th, 27th and 28th of January, and was a huge success under the sincere efforts made by the FORMS members along with the support from beloved faculty coordinators, Dr. Susan Mathew and Prof. Saji George and from the SPICMACAY team.  Hariprasad Chaurasia, Smt. Sujata Mohapatra, Dr. L Subramaniam, Smt. Meenakshi Sruinivasan, Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan and many more from the field of arts performed in the mega event. The event hosted a lot of dignitaries who graced different functions that happened all through the 3 days.
  • KATHIR AWARDS 2017 -Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies hosted this year’s KATHIR AWARDS, an award show by the Kairali channel. The whole college under the assistance of FORMS members were happy to welcome the Chief guest for the event Mr. Mammooty, Mr.Salim Kumar(cine artist), John Britas and so on.
  • HAPPY HEATRS DAY 2018- Day for the loving hearts! Rajagiri through FORMS took initiative in celebrating Valentine’s day on 14th of February 2018. The event was conducted in the Amphitheatre.

Other than these we had our students participating in management fests at different colleges and several of them won the overall championships.

We also had participants for different TV shows like, Midukki, Oru Nimisham, etc.  An episode of Oru Nimisham, the flagship program of Flowers TV was hosted in our college. Walk with Scholar program was also taken seriously and we interacted with students who came from other colleges. Our campus also witnessed a whole lot of auditions for both movies and shows and a number of shoots for progammes from different channels and for movies like Punyalan Pvt. Ltd.

The FORMS members also actively participated and supported all the major events that we had such as RNBQ, RBL, Crayons and so on. It was indeed an eventful year!

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