Inflore 2017

Prof. Ved Prakash,Chairman, UGC

Jonathan Michael (Trinity Western University) on Talent Management

Google Chief Evangelist, Gopi Kallayil on innovation

Shri.Sachin Pilot - Part 1


T.K.A. Nair IAS Part 1

Shri.Mani Shankar Aiyar - Part 1

Rajagiri National Business Quiz 2013

CNN IBN Shining BSchools of India- Rajagiri Centre For Business Studies

Rajagiri National Business Quiz

India's Top Rated Management Fest - 'INFLORE 2010 Part 1'

Rajagiri Inflore 2014 Flashmob @ Centre Square Mall, Kochi

Inflore - The Best Management Fest Ever

Rajagiri National Business Quiz 2018



The 9th edition of the acclaimed Rajagiri National Business Quiz is ready to challenge the smartest minds in the country. The last 8 years have paved the way for a bigger and better event, that has already broken records in registrations. Only the best of the best have won this tournament, and the quality of this quiz ensures that. This year’s grand finale will be on the 13th of October and will, as always, feature intellectually challenging questions and tough competition. The RajagiriNBQ team is proud to welcome you to the quest of wit and wisdom to win exciting cash prizes worth more than Rs. 3.8 lakhs, with separate prizes to be won in the Corporate and Student Categories.

Quiz Master

Mitesh Agarwal

Vice President & India CTO – Oracle India

Our quizmaster since 2015, Mr. Mitesh Agarwal, reflects the grandeur of the event. He has distinguished himself as one of the topmost executives in corporate India as well as an excellent quizzer who has won numerous quizzes across the country. Mitesh has been blessed with the gift of recall for banal but useful trivia, and that makes him an unbeatable quizzer and a brilliant quizmaster. Apart from these successes, Mitesh also prides himself on being a past winner of RajagiriNBQ.


The theme for RajagiriNBQ 2018 is ‘Black Swan’. ‘Black Swan’ is a metaphor for an event that is unanticipated but, has major ramifications. The term comes from an ancient saying that presumed the inexistence of black swans, which were of course later discovered in the wild. The phrase illustrates the dangers of generalization and early judgement, without which, the 2008 financial crisis could have been averted. RajagiriNBQ 2018 wishes to induce this same sense of unpredictability in the upcoming quiz.

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