Inflore 2017

Prof. Ved Prakash,Chairman, UGC

Jonathan Michael (Trinity Western University) on Talent Management

Google Chief Evangelist, Gopi Kallayil on innovation

Shri.Sachin Pilot - Part 1


T.K.A. Nair IAS Part 1

Shri.Mani Shankar Aiyar - Part 1

Rajagiri National Business Quiz 2013

CNN IBN Shining BSchools of India- Rajagiri Centre For Business Studies

Rajagiri National Business Quiz

India's Top Rated Management Fest - 'INFLORE 2010 Part 1'

Rajagiri Inflore 2014 Flashmob @ Centre Square Mall, Kochi

Inflore - The Best Management Fest Ever

Inflore - Management Fest

The RCBS Management Fest Infloré organized by the Rajagirians brings together students from all over the country. The two day fest includes a variety of events, both management as well as non-management, where the participants battle it out to prove their mettle through wit and intellect.

Infloré 18

Fuel up, buckle down and transform your fate to one fired with victory as this year's Inflore takes off! The Rajagiri campus is alight with the flames of passion as student teams from every corner of the country arrive to win prizes and bragging rights for a year. With seven management events and ten non-management events, Infloré is built entirely by the Rajagiri student community every year and hosts students and corporates from IIM’s and arts schools to engineering colleges and science colleges. With such a diverse array of participants, this year’s theme needed the flexibility to offer challenges to all participants. Thus the chosen theme for this year is “1000 Spotlights”. Beginning in 2005 Infloré is the most acclaimed management fest in South India. Starting this year on Oct. 5 and ending on Oct. 6, with over three thousand participants the Rajagiri campus is set to host yet another explosive Infloré. This being the 14th edition of the fest, it gets bigger than ever!