Research & Publications (PGDM) Name of Faculty Type of Publication Title of Publication Publisher Details Published Date
1 Abhilash G Nambudiri Case Presentation S-Mart Retail - How to get Pricing Right Global Summit on Management Cases organized by IIM, Raipur on 12 & 13 Dec 2014 13-Dec-14
2 Abhilash G Nambudiri Paper Presentation Low-income Housing:A persspective on India's urban poor International conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability on 21-23 January 2015 at Copenhagen,Denmark 23-Jan-15
3 Journal Invisible barriers to Success - The impact of self esteem on the academic performance of B-school students International Journal of Human Resource Research Review (ISSN: 2320-9704) Vol: 2, Issue 4 30-Apr-14
4 Jose K. Puthur Textbook Operations Management BBA V Semester Calicut University. 31-Dec-14
5 Paper Presentation A Study on Gratitude Spirituality and Forgiveness among Higher Secondary Teachers in Trissur district International Conference on Innovations in business and Finance - ICIBF 2014 on May 23-24, 2014 24-May-14
6 Journal Financial inclusion and Rural Development: Challenges and Opportunities Journal of Seminar Papers - EXPLORATIONS (ISSN 2229 - 4783), Vol IV, Issue 2, April 2014 30-Apr-14
7 Textbook Operations Management BBA Semester V, Calicut University 31-Dec-14
8 Textbook Organisational Behaviour BBA Semester III, Calicut University 31-Dec-14
9 Paper Presentation Impact of Global Macro-Trends on Indian Banking Emerging Trends in Banking Sector in the Globalized Scenario organized by Department of Commerce, EKNM Govt. College, Elerithattu, 26-27 August 2014 27-Aug-14
10 Newspaper India needs a tight vigil on BOP Financial Express. 10-Jun-14
11 Online Article Food for thought on Modi's inflation problem East Asia Forum 3-Jun-14
12 Book Review From poverty to empowerment: India's imperative for jobs, growth, and effective basic services McKinsey Global Institute, February 2014, in Rajagiri Management Journal (ISSN 0972-9968), Vol 8, Issue 1, June 2014. 30-Jun-14
13 Major Research Project Urban solid waste disposal: Problems and issues - A case study of Cochin UGC, Amount - Rs.699600/- for 3 years. 31-Dec-15
14 Jose K. Puthur Major Research Project Urban solid waste disposal: Problems and issues - A case study of Cochin UGC, Amount - Rs.699600/- for 3 years. 31-Dec-15
15 Minor Research Project The Relationship of self-esteem on employability attributes of post graduate business management students UGC, Amount - Rs 50000/- 31-Dec-14
16 Abraham Babu Minor Research Project The Impact of the special economic zones on the economic and social front. A study conducted with special reference to the Cochin Special Economic Zone. UG, Amount - Rs 50000/- 31-Dec-14
17 Pramodh U Korula Paper Presentation Communicator's Use of Communication: Exploring How Professional Communicators View, Understand, and Practice Communication National Communication Association 100th Annual Convention 2014, Chicago, 20-23 November 2014 23-Nov-14
18 Abhilash G Nambudiri Journal Low-income Housing: A Perspective on India's Urban Poor The International Journal of Social Sustainability in Economic, Social and Cultural Context (ISSN 2325-1115), Volume 11, Issue 3 30-Sep-15
19 Paper Presentation Greek Crisis Berchmans Economics Association, St. Berchmans College, Changanacherry, Kerala, 4 September 2015. 4-Sep-15
20 Newspaper What does the improvement in India's BoP mean? Financial Express 3-Jul-15
21 Abhilash G Nambudiri Case S-mart retail: How to get pricing right Case Centre Database, Case No. 315-217-1/8. 7-Jul-05
22 Major Research Project

The relationship of self-esteem on employability attributes of postgraduate business management students.  Executive Summary

UGC letter No. F. MRP (H)-1314/13-14/KLMGO54/UGC-SWRO 7-Jun-16
23 Paper Presentation

Effects of Customer Brand Relationship on Brand Advocacy in Indian Health Care Sector

Conference on Brand Management at IIT Delhi 16-Apr-16
24 Book Review

Book Review on Learning Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation

Rajagiri Management Jounal, ISSN 0972-996 22-Mar-16
25 Bejoy John Thomas Consultancy

Study on distribution channel of Dhatri

DHATRI GROUP, Rs 50, 000 1-Jul-13
26 Smitha Siji Minor Research Project

Seminar Grant - Traditional concept of marketing in todays context

SEM-0996/13-14/KLMG054/UGC SWRO(Management), UGC, Rs 30,000 28-Mar-14
27 Rosemary Varghese Major Research Project

MODROBS-Up gradation of existing computer lab

12/AICTE/RIFD/MOD(Policy-3)-160/2012-13, AICTE, Rs 1987500, (Ninteen lakhs eighty seven thousand five hundred) 30-Jul-13
28 Abhilash G Nambudiri Minor Research Project

Spatiotemporal Study of Inwards Migration of Low and Unskilled Workers to Kerala and Its Effects on Social and Physical Infrastructure. (Executive Summary)

UGC Minor Research Project 2407-MRP/15-16/KLMG054/UGC-SWRO 21-Feb-17
29 Bejoy John Thomas Journal

Effect of patient centredness on health service experience: Mediation of patient satisfaction

British journal of health care Management, ABDC C ;SCOPUS Q3 4-Aug-17
30 Journal

Effect of information quality of employment website on attitude toward the website

International Journal of Manpower Vol 36, No.5, August 2017, ISSN : 0143-7720 [Indexed in ABDC-A & Scopus, Scimago-Q2, Impact Factor: 0.641 (Thomson Reuters, 2016)] 17-Aug-17
31 Journal

Effects of cognition demand, mode of interactivity and brand anthropomorphism on gamers' brand attention and memory in advergames

Computers in Human Behavior August 2017, ISSN: 0747-5632 Vol. 70, 575-588., [Indexed in ABS-level 3 & Scopus, Scimago-Q1, Impact Factor: 3.435 (Thomson Reuters, 2016)] 29-Aug-17
32 Journal
The impact of other customer perception on consumer-brand relationships
Journal of Service Theory and Practice. [Indexed in ABDC-A & Scopus, Scimago- Q1, Impact Factor: 1.0931 (Thomson Reuters, 2016)] 31-Dec-17
33 Neetha J. Eappen Journal

An Empirical Investigation of the Switching Process in Retails Banking

South Asian Journal of Management' Vol 24, Issue No.2, April - June 2017, ISSN 0971-5428, ABDC C 8-Jun-17
34 Ronny Thomas Journal

Determinants of Outward Foreign Direct Investment: A Study of Indian Manufacturing Firms

Journal Transnational Corporations( UNCTAD Journal) Details: Vol. 23, No. 1, pp-9-26 ISSN 1014-9562, 2017; Volume 5, ABDC B 14-Oct-17
35 Abhilash G Nambudiri Case

Zegema RETAIL: Space Planning,

ET Cases 5-Apr-17
36 Neetha J. Eappen Case

Safe Boat Trip Ltd: Launching the Flying Ferries,

Ivey 14-Sep-17
37 Abhilash G Nambudiri Journal
Spatiotemporal Study of Inwards Migration of low and unskilled workers to Kerala (India) and its effects on Social and Physical infrastructure.
International Journal of Sustainability Policy and Practice,Journal Scopus Q4 24-Sep-18
38 Abhilash G Nambudiri Case Scaling up by Scaling back

Ivey Publishing, Ivey Case 17-Dec-18
39 Chandan Parsad Journal

In-store stimuli and impulsive buying behaviour: Modelling through regression equation 

International journal of Strategic Decision Sciences ABDC B 25-Sep-18
40 Chandan Parsad Journal

Predicting shopper’s continuous buying intention using mobile Apps 

International journal of Strategic Decision Sciences ABDC B 25-Sep-18
41 Neetha J. Eappen Case

Summit Maritime: Facility Location and Layout Design 

Ivey Publishing, Ivey Case 15-May-18
42 Raveesh Krishnankutty Journal

The Mediation of Psychological Capital in the Relationship of Perceived Organizational Support, Engagement and Extra-Role Performance 

International Journal of Knowledge Management, ABDC B/Scopus Q3 19-Dec-18
43 Jose K. Puthur Journal

Smart Moves over the Phone – Private transaction over Public Wi-Fi in India 

International Journal of Business and information, ABDC C 15-Mar-18
44 Abraham Babu Journal

Causality between FDI and exports in India 

Theoretical and applied Economics, ABDC C 20-Dec-18
45 Journal

On some aspects of a new class of two-piece asymmetric normal distribution 

Journal of statistical theory and applications, ABDC C 8-Mar-18