Research & Publications (MBA) Name of Faculty Type of Publication Title of Publication Publisher Details Published Date
1 Bejoy John Thomas Book Chapter Work-life balance and stress Issues and solutions of work-life balance (ISBN 978-81-923134-3-6) 31-Dec-14
2 Bejoy John Thomas Journal Fuzzy Clustering Approach to Employer Brand positioning - An Indian Employer Study Journal of Academic Research in Economics (ISSN 2066-0855), Vol 6, No. 2 30-Jun-14
3 Bejoy John Thomas Journal Assessing and scheming the brand management curriculum of MBA program in Tiruchirappalli colleges, from the standpoint of brand managers International Journal of Management (ISSN 0976-6502), Vol 6, Issue 1 31-Jan-15
4 Deepak Babu Journal Invisible barriers to Success - The impact of self esteem on the academic performance of B-school students International Journal of Human Resource Research Review ( ISSN: 2320-9704 ) Vol: 2, Issue 4 30-Apr-15
5 Harish B Case Surviving with Advertising Sharks Case Centre Database, Case Number is 514-119-1 31-Dec-14
6 Harish B Newspaper 9 Things marketers need to do The Hindu Business Line 2-Jan-15
7 Harish B Newspaper The top 5 buzz creators of 2014 The Hindu Business Line 25-Dec-14
8 Harish B Newspaper From tectonic shifts to trends The Economic Times 20-Jan-15
9 Imran Ahmed Khan Journal Invisible barriers to Success - The impact of self esteem on the academic performance of B-school students International Journal of Human Resource Research Review ( ISSN: 2320-9704) Vol: 2, Issue 4 30-Apr-14
10 Imran Ahmed Khan Paper Presentation A Study on Mental Health and Self-Efficacy of Adolescents in Tura, Meghalaya DYUTI 2015 held from 7th to 9th January 2015 at Rajagiri valley campus, Kochi 9-Jan-15
11 Joji Alex Journal The effects of workplace dimensions on job satisfaction and organizational commitment Journal of Organisation and Human Behaviour ( ISSN: 2277-3274 ) Vol 3, Issue 2 & 3, Apr-July 2014 31-Jul-14
12 Minimol M. C Book Banking and Micro Finance in India ISBN 978-81-7708-401-6, New Delhi. 31-Dec-14
13 Minimol M. C Paper Presentation Overconfidence, Risk tolerance and Investment Strategy Adoption of Capital Market Investors World Finanace and Banking Symposium, Singapore, 12-13 December 2014. 13-Dec-14
14 Rakesh Krishnan Journal Measuring Investment Importance Perception in Equity Shares: A Scale for Individual Investors Drishtikon (ISSN 0975-7422), Vol 6, No. 2, Mar-Sep 2014. 30-Sep-14
15 Rakesh Krishnan Journal Implementing Corporate Sustainable Development: A case of an SME from India South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases ( ISSN 2277-9779), Vol 3, No. 2. 31-Dec-14
16 Rakesh Krishnan Journal A Study of exchange rates behavior and Stock market Volatility in Indian markets Review of Social Sciences (ISSN 0974- 9004), Vol XV, No. 2, July-December 2014 31-Dec-14
17 Rakesh Krishnan Journal An Empirical Analysis of weekend effect on Indian Stock market with reference to Sensex and S&P CNX Nifty Management Researcher (ISSN 2230-8431), Vol. XX, No. 4, April-June 2014 30-Jun-14
18 Rosemary Varghese Book From receptive knowledge to productive proficiency (ISBN 978-3-639-66452-2), Scholar's Press, Germany 31-Dec-14
19 Saji George Case Unfolding Entrepreneurship Cases in Management, IIM Ahmedabad 31-Dec-14
20 Siby Jose Paper Presentation Movies in the MBA classroom: Impact study of an Experiment 14th international conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations, SAID Business School, U.K., 4 August 2014. 4-Aug-14
21 Simon Jacob C Journal Lean on time and production efficiency Journal of Supply Chain Management Systems (ISSN 2277-1387), Vol 3, Issue 4 31-Oct-14
22 Smitha Siji Journal Positive influence of price in FMCG buying decision International Journal of Retailing and Rural Business Perspectives (Pezzottaite Journals) (ISSN: 2279-0934). Vol 3, No. 2, April-June 2014 30-Jun-14
23 Smitha Siji Paper Presentation Linking Customer Loyalty to Customer Satisfaction and Store Image 14th Eurasia Business and Economics Society (EBES) Conference, 25 October 2014, Barcelona, Spain 25-Oct-14
24 Smitha Siji Journal Variance in factors influencing buyer behaviour across various product categories in FMCGs Indian Journal of Marketing (ISSN 0973 - 8703), Vol 45, Issue 3. 31-Mar-15
25 Susan Mathew Paper Presentation Khaya Yehi hai Right Choice - The Influence of Sociolinguistics and transliteration in Advertisements National Seminar on New Trends in English Literature and Language, 30 April 2014, Noorul Islam University, Kumaracoil. 30-Apr-14
26 Susan Mathew Paper Presentation The impact of Sociolinguistics in Transliterated Advertisements International Conference-cum-workshop, jointly organized by Sree Narayana College of Education, Mahe and English Language Teachers Interaction Forum, 26-28 December 2014. 28-Dec-14
27 Susan Mathew Book Chapter Khaya yehi hai right choice-The influence of sociolinguistics and transliteration in advertisements Proceedings of national seminar on new trends in English literature and language (ISBN 978-81-929117-2-4) 31-Dec-14
28 Veeva Mathew Journal Loyalty intentions: Does the effect of commitment, credibility and awareness vary across consumers with low and high involvement? Journal of Indian Business Research (ISSN 1755-4195),Vol 6, No. 3 30-Sep-14
29 Imran Ahmed Khan Major Research Project Urban solid waste disposal: Problems and issues - A case study of Cochin UGC, Amount - Rs.699600/- for 3 years. 31-Dec-15
30 Minimol M. C Major Research Project Entrepreneurial competency development and social enterpreneurship: The catalyst role of SHGs in coastal Kerala Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), Amount - Rs 600000/- for 2 years. 31-Dec-14
31 Deepak Babu Minor Research Project A Study on antecedents influencing different learning style preference among urban and rural students in Kerala UGC, Amount - Rs 55000/- 31-Dec-14
32 Smitha Siji Journal Linking customer Loyalty to Customer Satisfaction and Store Image Rajagiri Management Journal (ISSN 0972-9968), Vol 8, Issue 2 31-Dec-14
33 Siby Jose Newspaper Turbulent times ahead for information technology sector in Kerala? Indian Express 19-Feb-15
34 Harish B Book Review The Definitive Book of Branding Kartikeya Kompala, Sage Publications (2014) in Rajagiri Management Journal (ISSN 0972-9968), Vol 8, Issue2 31-Dec-14
35 Manoj Mathew Consultancy Employee Satisfaction and Work Environment Survey Cochin Shipyard Ltd., Amount: Rs 190000/- 31-Dec-14
36 Binoy Joseph Consultancy Employee Satisfaction and Work Environment Survey Cochin Shipyard Ltd., Amount: Rs 190000/- 31-Dec-14
37 Manoj Mathew Consultancy Establishment of SMILES (Employee assistance service) Federal Bank Ltd., Amount : Rs.15000/ per month 31-Dec-14
38 Binoy Joseph Consultancy Establishment of SMILES (Employee assistance service) Federal Bank Ltd., Amount : Rs.15000/ per month. 31-Dec-14
39 Harish B Consultancy Market research project : Distribution Fairway General Trading, Amount : Rs 14000/- 31-Dec-14
40 Joji Alex Journal The role of Consumer knowledge dimensions on country of origin effects: An enquiry of fast-consuming product in India Vision - The Journal of Business Perspectives (ISSN 0972-2629), Vol 19, No.1, MDI-Sage Publications. 31-Mar-15
41 Imran Ahmed Khan Paper Presentation Pressures and Mental Health of College Students ICSSR National Seminar on Issues of Mental Health Education, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, 26-27 Febuary 2015. 27-Feb-15
42 Imran Ahmed Khan Paper Presentation A Review on the relevance of Life Skills Education for College Students International Conference on Quality of Higher Education in Indian and Global Context, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, 18-19 March 2015. 19-Mar-15
43 Shirley Rita Luiz Paper Presentation Child abuse in India International Social Sciences Conference, VIVES University College, Belgium 4-Apr-14
44 Jaedong Kang Paper Presentation Economics and Big Data International Conference on Innovations in Business and Finance, Commerce Association of India, St. Peter's College, Kolancherry, Kerala 29-May-15
45 Bejoy John Thomas Book Review The big data-drivenbusiness: How to use big data to win customers, beat competitors and boost profits Russel Glass and Sean Callahan, John Wiley & Sons, New Jersey, 2015 in Rajagiri Management Journal (ISSN 0972-9968), Vol 9, Issue1 30-Jun-15
46 Minimol M. C Journal Overconfidence, risk tolerance and investment strategy: A study of capital market investors in India Rajagiri Management Journal (ISSN 0972-9968), Vol 9, Issue 1 30-Jun-14
47 Smitha Siji Journal Impact on social media in education International Journal of Applied Services Marketing Perspectives (ISSN 2279-0977), Vol 4, No. 1, January-March 2015 31-Mar-15
48 Deepak Babu Minor Research Project

A Study on antecedents influencing different learning style preferences among urban & rural students in Kerala . Executive Summary

UGC letter No. MRP (H)-1335/13-14/KLMG054/UGC-SWRO 28-Mar-14
49 Joji Alex Consultancy

Study on small appliances market in kerala

FELTRON, Rs 230,000 1-Jul-13
50 Binoy Joseph Consultancy

Certification programme

Federal Bank , Rs 100,000 1-Jul-14
51 Consultancy

Retirement Planning Programme - SMILES

Federal Bank , Rs 110,000 14-Jan-16
52 Consultancy

Retirement Planning Programme - Odyssey

Federal Bank, Rs 100,000 12-Feb-16
53 Minor Research Project

Workshop Grant-Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis 

UGC, SEM-1161/14-15/KLMG054/UGC-SWRO(Management) 19-Jan-15
54 Minor Research Project

National Conference - Adapting education to modern needs - Legacy of swami vivekananda

SEM-0996/13-14/KLMG054/UGC-SWRO(Education), UGC , Rs 140,000 28-Mar-14
55 Minor Research Project

National Seminar Grant-Research Methodology and statistical analysis: New Trends

22/AICTE/RIFD/SEM/(policy 4)209/2012-13, AICTE, Rs 116,000 13-Mar-13
56 Minimol M. C Journal

Effect of Dividend Policy on Shareholder’s Wealth: A Study of IT and Banking Industry in India

Finance India, ABDC C 1-Mar-17
57 P. Balakrishnan Menon Journal
The influence of e-relationship quality and e-service quality on customer loyalty in the context of Flipkart online retailer services
Journal of Customer Behaviour, 2018, Vol. 17, No. 1-2, pp.121-137, Westburn Publishers Ltd. [ ABDC - C category publication]. 26-Sep-18
58 P. Balakrishnan Menon Journal

Determining factors of brand attitude towards private label fashion wear

Journal of Management Research, Vol. 17, No. 4, pp. 232-243, South Asia Publications. [ ABDC - C category publication] 12-Nov-18
59 Veeva Mathew Journal

Direct and indirect effect of brand experience on true brand loyalty: role of involvement 

Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, Scopus Q2 11-Jul-18